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Introducing: Harmony Omega II

The Earth, as many have noticed, is receiving a daily increasing intensity in the energy which reaches it.
Not only this but the quality of the energy is also dramatically changing. Not only humanity but many other life forms are changing their behaviour in ways which are astonishing scientific researchers.

At this time the field of community, of common interest and co-operation for the highest good of all is growing very rapidly.
All the old values (power, separation, suppression etc.) are being replaced with this new paradigm.

It is humans who have the greatest problems with this metamorphosis. This comes from our addictions to the past:
“It is so, it was so and will, therefore, always be so” – a ruling concept in human thought patterns – but how much truth is there in such beliefs? Is it not so that before it was the way in which it is now perceived to be it was different?
Is not the continuous change, the continuous growth that we experience throughout our lives sufficient evidence that these beliefs cannot be true?

It is alone the belief that things cannot change which many people hold which chains humanity to behaviour patterns that are no longer functional.
Despite all the proofs that change is the only permanent thing upon this planet, humanity progresses very tardily.

The prime purpose of the Harmony Technology is, through re-ordering and optimising information structures, to give humanity something of enormous importance – the ability to quickly and painlessly dissolve old behaviour patterns which have lost their usefulness.

As the never-ending changes in our world proceed, even the Harmony Technology is constantly being further developed and in the Summer of 2012 the Harmony Omega II was made available to a selected few.

In addition to all the abilities of its’ predecessor, the Omega II has something totally unique:-
As part of the procedures in creating an Omega II, it will be directly attuned to the owner and/or the building(s) in which it is to be used.

Each of us is a discrete being each with our own personal, very individual history.

The Omega II is precisely attuned to you and to that which you seek to change, transform or attain.

For our present-day awareness it is of the utmost importance that the changes which we seek to achieve are done consciously and, thereby, understood.

Removing that which is unwanted will, of course, transpire. It is, however, important to you to understand what has happened and why so that all the ramifications can become clear to you.

It is for this reason that a personal discussion for preparing your Omega is necessary.

A follow-up consultation after the first three months to clarify the processes which your Harmony Omega has brought about is also part of your purchase price.

Although each Harmony Omega II will have the same basic structure, the energetic-informational structure will be individually attuned.

The core positive effects of an Omega II are still available for all wherever it is installed but, for the new owner or the building where it is installed, it will bring additional benefits due to its precise tuning.

For example:

  • Clearing problems “inherited” from your ancestors up to 21 generations back.
  • Purification and stabilisation of your contact with the Earth.
  • Purification and stabilisation of your contact with The Source.
  • Dissolution of self-sabotage, avoidance and self-deception programmes.
  • Calm and stability.
  • Clearing foreign energy invasions.
  • Purification of the individual main and subsidiary chakras.
  • Dissolution of your family karma.
  • Dissolution of your personal karma.

The Omega II is a hand-built creation of the highest quality and performance.

Despatch is approximately ten days following receipt of payment.


It is not easy to explain a complete bolt from the blue.

The use of the Harmony Omega in agriculture, happy cows and programming water to detoxify.

Click on the picture to see the video

Can the natural 60 year cycle by which water purifies itself be activated within minutes with a harmony omega?

See the video (click on picture)



You begin with something that you think you understand. You intuitively make a completely new assembly which should, theoretically, enhance that which existing products can achieve but, instead of getting this, you get one amazing revelation after another.

It was in July 2009 that the first Harmony Omega was made and we’ve been experimenting with it ever since. One year later, we feel that we know enough to begin making the Harmony Omegas publicly available.

One of the amazing properties that we have discovered is that even a photograph of an Omega, when mounted in a specific way, will give up to 30% of the effectiveness of a real Omega. This is of enormous benefit as it puts this technology within the reach of everyone who can afford a computer or mobile/cell ‘phone.

Here is a brief list of some of the things that we have discovered about the Harmony Omegas to date. They will:-

Electro Smog and other radiation:
Stop damaging radiations (cell/mobile ‘phones, disharmonic proportions, geopathic stress, etc.) affecting you. Although it is certain that some radioactivity will also be rendered harmless to you, the Omegas have not yet been tested in areas of high radioactivity.

Life Quality:
Dissolve damaging life programmes, i.e. the self-destructive and restrictive expectations which you have absorbed from your environment from birth onwards and which do nothing other than to prevent you using your natural ability to create a happy and fulfilling life. There are indications that some so called “mental illnesses” may disappear; this makes sense within the structure of the technology but has not, as yet, been clinically tested.

Render manipulative energies ineffective: This refers not only to “advertising” using “forbidden” technologies but also to classical “black magic” etc. and its modern day electronic and electrostatic variations.

Dissolve computer addiction and, possibly, other addictions also. We hope to be able to test this further in the ensuing months. Applications from drug rehabilitation centres to borrow a Harmony Omega for testing purposes are, therefore, most welcome.

Greatly speed up your thought processes thus increasing both intelligence and learning ability. Here we must ask you to note that, although the Harmony Omega Technology will definitely be of help here, many learning difficulties are dietary in origin. To learn about optimal nutrition we would refer you to the Kushi Institute both for general guidance as well as help with contacting a consultant in your area.

Schools and Colleges - academic standards and "problem behaviour"
In schools and colleges not only will academic standards rise due to the increase in intelligence but, perhaps even more important, violence and other anti-social behaviour will greatly decrease! Much of such behaviour is directly caused by the chaotic nature of the surrounding area. Additionally, schools built over recent decades have mostly used the cheapest possible building materials and land and have, thus, increased the intensity of the problem as well as adding much electro smog. Then we have a great deal of falsified information from television “soaps” making it more difficult for children to identify with reality and to “speak the same language” as the teachers and other personnel.

The Harmony Omega will bring order out of this informational “goo” and, thereby, remove the cause of much of the problem behaviour. If, additionally, Harmony Omega Desktops are used on student’s home computers, a very significant increase in academic standards in addition to the removal of “problem behaviour” would be a reasonable expectation. Applications from educational institutes for bulk purchase of Harmony Omega Desktops for students are hereby invited.

There are also agricultural implications which we are at present testing. Initial indications in large scale greenhouse cultivation are that plants have a greatly enhanced durability as well as resistance to parasites. Open land tests are currently being designed.

Karma Singh
Managing Director
Harmony United Ltd
26th November 2013

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