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The Harmony Omega Computer Desktop

The Harmony Omega Computer Desktop came into being as the result of a ridiculous experiment during a pause in a filming session. The cameraman liked the Harmony Omega so much that he asked us if he could take some photographs of it to “see if would still work when we had gone!”

When he mounted them onto his computer screen, one of the photos so obviously had an effect similar to the “real” Harmony Omega that we all sat there in stunned silence.

This effect does not happen with any of the other Harmony United Devices – or, at least, not to any discernible extent – but the Harmony Omega is vastly more sophisticated than any of its predecessors.

Anyone who has knowledge of quantum physics will, of course, instantly recognise this as an expression of synchronicity and the holographic universe. Basically, what these say is that any particles which have ever been in contact will remain in contact. Whatever you do to one such particle, any particle which has been in contact with it will also react. Further, theory states that the entire information of the complete universe is contained within each potential particle. Evidence gleaned to date supports this theory. This evidence, perforce, includes the experience with the Harmony Omega picture for the computer desktop.

Installing a Harmony Omega photograph which has been mounted in the way which we discovered produces the Desktop effect. Around 20% to 30% of the effect of a full Harmony Omega can be experienced by installing the special photo as your desktop.

You can read the reports of those who have done so here.

Would you like to have one free of charge?

Anyone who purchases a Harmony Omega desktop photo and who subsequently purchases a full Harmony Omega will automatically have the purchase price of the desktop photo refunded in full. When you order your full Harmony Omega, the purchase price will be automatically reduced by the amount which you paid for your desktop photo.

To learn even more, please click on "Omega Newsletters" (top right) and open Newsletter no. 1 from the 25th August 2010

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