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Harmony Omega Computer Desktop Wallpaper - reports and testimonials

Hello Karma,

I have had some difficulty deciding just what to write.  At first I felt a great deal of angst just being near the computer with the Omega as wallpaper.  That lasted about three days.  Then I had a research project that was begging to be done in a very short time, but with great focus, I managed to stay with the Internet-based research for 15 hours with just short breaks for lunch and the report was done on time.

Since that project has been completed, I find myself drifting back to my computer all the time, but the focus is not on my current work, but rather on finding my life purpose; finding an easier 'way to be' in the world, and what that might mean in terms of fulfilling work and how to generate a sustainable, flourishing existence.

When I focus on the Omega wallpaper, I find ease and focus, and seem to come back to center.  All the changes in my life this past year thrust me into 'doing mode' with an undercurrent of how to find my 'being-mode.'  With the Omega, I seem to only want the 'being mode' of a flourishing existence that has been missing throughout much of my life.

Best wishes,

Katie S.
Minnesota, USA

On the 27th June 2010, I installed the Omega desktop wallpaper. I was in quite a hurry as we were about to start a nine day business trip. Within 2 minutes of looking at the Harmony Omega I recalled that I had forgotten something very important for our journey – my camera which I use constantly in our seminars. What a “coincidence”.

That was my first experience with the Omega photo. That which I have experienced continuously from the first moment is a feeling of clarity and clarification whenever I look at it.

Whenever things get hectic, I sit myself at my PC for five minutes and just let the Omega do its thing.

Ewalt K.,
Bavaria, Germany

Hi Karma,

Here is my photo and my brief report.

For me having the omega picture on my desk top has been very soothing for some reason. It is very calming for me to look at that green background and the hand holding the symbols.  I think lately it has been easier to bring in business for my work and I feel more confident that something good is about to happen money wise.  Health wise I’m still having blood sugar problems but recently I have been coming across some interesting diabetes articles via the internet so perhaps the Omega picture is making things happen in that area as well.

I’ll let you know from time to time how things are progressing with me.

Let me know what else I should know and do. 


Billy J,
Washington, USA

Hi Karma!

Thank you for the opportunity to experience the powerful Omega picture!

Really was not sure what to expect, however,  the first experience as my desktop "wallpaper"..

I noticed that a certain "calm" energy was present. I then tried to meditate as I do daily, and I found that it was easier and my "energy"' to visualize was faster and clearer!

During a visit my girlfriend was terribly stressed out regarding some  on-the-job problems with other fellow employees, so I asked her to sit in front to the computer monitor and just meditate for a moment...Karma, she was amazed...

she said as soon as she sat down she felt like a great weight had been lifted off of her shoulders!!! And she felt very peaceful and calm. Anxiety, anger, and stress had dissolved away in just a matter of moments.

The next morning as I was preparing to leave for work...my 91 year old mother, who has painful arthritis in her knees and uses a cane to walk said,"I feel like taking a walk down to the corner of our neighborhood block!"...I was shocked, because she finds it hard sometimes to even go up and down steps to get into the house most of the time! Just "out of the blue", she said this to me and she was serious not joking!"

A day after I recieved it,  I copied the picture of the Omega, and taped it to the inside of my bedroom door. I found that it emitted a  strong energy... at one point I felt I had to take it down to get to sleep. I also took it to work, and taped it to the back of my wall behind my desk.  I believe that the small office I work in felt its calmative effects. I will continue to test it more because a lot of people come through our public government office to get drivers licenses and vehicle plates for thier motor vehicles.

I have purchased and used the Harmony Evolution and phone chips and found them to "really work!"  I let a waitress who was having a migraine headache use it for a short time and within minutes her migraine resided.

I look forward to hearing what this remarkable new product will do to assist others!  I believe this "Omega" product is a winner!


David J.,
Illinois USA

After installing the Harmony Omega I had a feeling as though a cooling breeze blew through me. This happens every time that I boot my computer. I find that I can work with my computer with much greater concentration and telephone calls are much more harmonious.

I have had two clients in my office this week who, for reasons which they could not explain, were suddenly able to see much more clearly. One, a 79 year old man, was able to read the book “Der Harmony Clou” without his spectacles.

Hans-Dieter D.,
Saxony, Germany

Dear Karma,

I show below my report to you and I attach a photo of myself as requested.

REPORT to HARMONY UNITED on impressions of the OMEGA Wallpaper: 4 July 2010

I have the Home and Office Harmoniser fitted in my home, so perhaps the effects of this new device are not so apparent as they might be.   I have been experiencing vertigo over the last few months during use of the computer. This seems to arise, after a while, when working on the computer. My impression is that, since the introduction of the wallpaper, I am better able to have longer sessions on the computer without this occurring.  I certainly am aware of more tranquility in myself since installing this Wallpaper on my machine.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Best regards,

Dr. David R.,
Hampshire, England

Hello Karma,

with the Omega as my desktop wallpaper I feel myself to by more peaceful and relaxed. Even when I have a great deal to do and am under time pressure I do not feel rushed and remain calm and centred.

That feels good.

Thank you for allowing me to test the Harmony Omega photo.

Dr. Clems H.,
Saxony, Germany

Hi Karma
As promised here are my results from the Omega:
Didn't notice a lot for the first few days but about the 4th day I noticed feeling calmer and as I carried on my healing practice I noticed a distinct 
increase in clarity and ease of focusing.  I also felt my clients seemed calmer and more receptive during their treatments too. 
The children seemed just happy to be there and easily went through a longer treatment than I normally give them, yet happy to move on to what they were doing next.
I checked with my husband as to what he was sensing and he said he felt an increase in calmness.
I did photocopy the screen picture and left one copy out on my computer, one copy I wore on my person placing it behind the home and office harmonizer and a third one, I put in our bedroom.
So far that is all I can report, but there could well be more in the coming days.
I will update you as I notice changes
Thanks for the opportunity
Love and light
Gayle C.
Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Karma,

it took a while but it is in time.....

Right now I am going through a time of great changes which sometimes make it impossible for me to work properly. Despite this I have observed that in the relatively short time that I work on my PC I work much more structured and quickly complete the things which are important for me. This is very agreeable to me as it lets me reduce the time spent on my PC and give my attention to other things without having the feeling of not really having done anything.

In general I note that, since I have the Harmony Evolution and, especially, since I received the Harmony Omega desktop photo, there is a greater clarity in my thoughts as well as a noticeable influence upon the people around me.

In further happy expectations....

Romy S.,
Saxony, Germany

Hi Karma,

I don’t have much feedback to offer on the image. 
I did notice that when the background screen comes up my eyes are drawn to it and I get a sense of calming when I look at it.  I enjoy having it on my computer screen and pleased to see it whenever the other screens are minimized. 

All the Best,

Elaine F.,
Manitoba, Canada

Moin Karma,

I have installed the Harmony Omega photo as the desktop wallpaper on my laptop and looked at it for a long time.

Since I began wearing the Harmony Evolution, my health has improved considerably and the Omega photo has greatly enhanced this.

For some time I could not feel comfortable in my flat and this feeling has now disappeared. I now feel good again. The work on my laptop is no longer strenuous and I am more alert, refreshed and concentrated.

Many thanks

Sabine K.,
Berlin, Germany

Moin Karma,

since I installed the Harmony Omega photo on my desktop I am more alert and balanced.

Heartfelt greetings from

Hans-Jürgen V.,
Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

When I sat in front of the Harmony Omega photo I immediately became calmer and my thought became more ordered. Everything became more structured.

Greetings from

Monika B.,
Bavaria, Germany

At first I was uncertain as to whether my impressions were influenced by the description which Karma sent with the photo and, certainly, my experiences are very similar to his.

Initially, I had the impression that I am exceptionally lazy – nevertheless, I have got things done bit by bit. Summing up the experience with the Harmony Omega desktop wallpaper I would say that the usual pressure to get more done than one can actually manage has gone – a considerable relief.

Jiri F.,
Munich, Germany

The Harmony Omega desktop photo has the effect of enabling me to work much more calmly on my PC. It, further, lets me disengage from that which “must” be done and to do that which I really want to do which means that I work less and do more of the things that really interest me.

When I work, I do so gladly – this was always the case but there was always a pressure to do more than was humanly possible. This pressure to “perform” has not completely disappeared but is much, much weaker; it has reduced by about 80%.

Warmest regards

Namu F.,
Munich, Germany


many thanks for letting me try the Harmony Omega desktop wallpaper. I did not notice any spectacular effects right away but, as I continued to use it, I became able to carry out my work with greater concentration and became more relaxed and effective.

Generally, I feel more vital and now need only about 5 hours sleep to be really fit again.

My perception has increased and I have a better access to that which is called “intuition”. Complicated matters now appear to me simple and obvious.

This is just an initial report with the most important experiences. I will keep observing.

Many thanks for your wonderful invention.

Frieder F.,
Bavaria, Germany

Hello Karma,

many thanks for letting me participate in your test.

Here are my observations:

At first I experienced quite a stir and to my amazement I experienced a bodily detoxification (my urine smelled much stronger for the first three days). Following this there has been a calm composure.

Sonja N.,
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany





















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