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The Full Harmony Omega

As you can probably well imagine, the full Harmony Omega is not a cheap, throwaway device but certainly one of the most sophisticated and powerful aids to human freedom and self-expression ever created. It is, probably, at this time the most powerful such aid on the planet.

Although we are restricted by law to guaranteeing merely ten years full function, there is no reason to believe that a Harmony Omega will not continue to be fully functional well into the next century.

A Harmony Omega is almost certainly the most valuable heirloom that you could ever bring into your family. As a wedding present, you could do nothing better for the new family and your grandchildren to be.

Over time, you will find yourself using abilities that you never even knew you had.

You will find that your greatly enhanced speed of thought will enable you to see through lies and propaganda and to quickly arrive at the truth.

As you eliminate inner conflicts you will naturally bring more balance into your life - daily annoyances will disappear as will a whole host of worries and things that you never really wanted.

The full version also carries our world famous six month right of return money back satisfaction guarantee.

The Harmony Omega can be installed on any vertical (or near vertical) surface anywhere within your home or workplace. Installation takes less than two minutes and requires no special skills or tools in any way.

At present, August 2010, delivery time is approximately two weeks from confirmation of your order. Despatch is by bonded courier directly to your door.

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