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How can a simple photograph have such powerful effects?

It’s just a photograph isn’t it? Or is it?

Here’s where things get a little “strange”. The phenomenon is not unknown although very little used. There are a great many stories of clairvoyants who can find people and objects just by looking at a photograph of them. Until Quantum Field Theory came along, it was just weird. Nobody could even begin to explain it – least of all the clairvoyant who “just did it”. Nonetheless, it is a phenomenon which so widespread across the World and the centuries that its existence as an “inexplicable phenomenon” is well catalogued and irrefutable.

Quantum Physics explains the phenomenon as a natural effect of Quantum Entanglement. This states that any two particles (or even potential particles) which have been in contact remain in contact irrespective of the distance between them. Whatever event any one of the particles experiences, the other “entangled” particle will react to the event as though it were also there which, in Quantum Field Theory, it is. It takes some getting your head around but the DVD that you can get via this link will give you a detailed and entertaining introduction to the topic:-


I’m not a clairvoyant; how can the Harmony Omega photo work for me?

The converse of the same phenomenon is, according to very many stories throughout recorded history and especially since photography became widespread, also effective. The stories of blessings, healings and teachings being received through pictures and statues are legion. I do something along these lines with the healing transmissions which you can see and experience at:-


What we have discovered here at Harmony United is how to permanently imbue a photograph with the properties of the device depicted, albeit at a lower intensity. Because of the Quantum Entanglement, which we have learned how to activate, we can achieve up to 30% of the effects of the Harmony United device depicted via the internet. We are not yet ready to reveal how we have done this but this gives the answer to the question...

No! It is much, much more than a photograph.

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